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“Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!”

Kylie lives her life by a simple but very powerful motto: Always give it your best.  Think thoughts of happiness, abundance and success. 

She knows it’s up to her to choose how she feels about herself and how she treats others.  Keeping her very own List for Life! Journal, she keeps track of her dreams and desires.

When you keep your positive thoughts and desires in front of you, good things happen and your dreams come true.  During her daily adventures, she reflects on all of the wonderful things that come to her each and every day.  More importantly, she learns to turn challenges into learning opportunities.

In addition to learning about Kylie’s positive habits, you’ll have the opportunity to add your own positive affirmations in a journal page at the end of her story. Whether you’re a child or an adult, Kylie can teach you the value of daily reflection and help you discover the power of Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!

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Can be purchased at Barnes&Noble, Amazon and LuLu Publishing


“List for Santa, List for Life!”

It’s almost Christmas time, and Kylie is writing her first list for Santa. Kylie has grown up like any other kid-and like most children-she knows just what she wants for herself and for others. Kylie asks Santa for gifts for herself, for her mom and dad, and even for her teacher. But she doesn’t just list the items she wants for Christmas. She also lists all her goals as well.

Remember the first time you wrote your first Christmas list for Santa? For many of us, writing lists for Santa as children may have been the first time we ever set our own goals detailing what we desired. This practice is useful not only for making sure Santa knows just what you’re hoping for, but for making sure you never forget your dreams and aspirations.

Kylie’s experience in List for Santa, List for Life! teaches children the importance of writing down and maintaining their own set of goals and desires to help them receive the wonderful things this life has to offer.

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Can be Purchased at Barnes&Noble, Amazon and LuLu publishing

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