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Hey! You Gonna Write About This?

“Hey! You gonna write about this?” the words floated from the phone. “Are you kidding me? Of course!” I enthusiastically cheered to my friend John Knowles, host of the What’s That Like? Podcast. I knew this was worth writing about. … Continue reading

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Learn to live! Tom Corner, author or Borrowed Eyes and Feet discusses how he overcame anger, rage, fear, and self doubt to Inspire others!

Originally posted on What's That Like? Podcast:
Author Tom Corner has been a friend of mine for decade. But just recently, I feel like I really got to know who he was and why.  Listen to this discussion between friends, as…

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No, I am not interested!

“Hello! Here is a little information about my latest book.” Grasping to a bookmark about my latest book I reach out to a passerby, extending my arm, my life, my vulnerability.  “No, I am not interested!” Was the reply from … Continue reading

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