Aligned and Well!

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I hope this message finds you aligned and well. As the follow-up to Positive Thoughts, Positive Life! I enthusiastically announce my latest children’s book, Life is Fine, When You Are Aligned! I am proud to announce my latest publication which was influenced by accompaniment and input from my very eager daughter. This third installment in the children’s book series features our favorite main character, Kylie, who’s scenes are based on my daughters’ everyday experiences, challenges and successes. The story is shared as a part of a greater a vision to help children (and adults) remove self-doubt and guide them to a life of self-acceptance and happiness.

Backpack Incident’

 In the opening of Aligned, Kylie’s backpack breaks while she is on her way to school. Jenna, Kylie’s friend, helps her by sharing her own backpack with Kylie. This scene is based on a similar incident my oldest daughter experienced while walking to school. The stitching on the strap of her back-pack ripped completely off and the back-pack came crashing to the ground, sliding off her shoulder like an avalanche. When she picked it up from the ground, the strap dangled lifelessly alongside. Although difficult to carry, she managed to throw it over her opposite shoulder with one strap still intact.  My daughter was fortunate when a friend offered to help by carrying some of my daughter’s books in her own back-pack.

At the end of the day she, handled the ‘back-pack incident’ very well, not allowing it to ruin her day. This could have very easily ended up on a completely different trajectory, possibly leading to tears and a day full of frustration. To my delight my daughter somehow channeled her energy and focused on making sure things worked out.

My Cup of Coffee (What My Daughter Taught Me)

I cherish this scene, because I witnessed something miraculous in the way my daughter handled it. All too often we allow incidents like this throw us off, leading to a day (or week) littered with frustration. After witnessing my daughter’s ‘backpack incident’ I embraced it and now apply it to my everyday life, which has proven to be an excellent (and oftentimes difficult) practice for me.

For example, when I spilled my coffee yesterday morning I watched over it and smiled. The coffee that I so eagerly anticipated hastily poured from my coffee mug as it tipped over, rapidly flooding the counter top, flowing over the edges eventually coming to its new resting place…on the floor.

My coffee! The end of the world! A scowl of frustration initially appeared on my face but it was quickly replaced by a grin and sense of ease. As I wiped away the coffee, I sensed an initial tinge of frustration wanting to command the remainder of my morning. Being aware of this potentially intense emotion, I was able to mitigate it with the realization that the world really was not going to end. If it were truly the end of the world it would have happened years ago, dozens of spilled cups of coffee ago. I replaced the impending frustration with a sense of ease and the day ahead for me was wonderful.

Wow! That may seem a little intense for an introduction to my latest children’s book, but an important one. I hope your children enjoy Life is Fine, When You Are Aligned!  I encourage you to share this book with your friends, family and colleagues as a platform for self-awareness and acceptance.

Wishing you a cup full of happiness and ease.

T.E. Corner

About authortecorner

I am on a personal mission to improve myself as a father, husband, colleague, and member of the community. My dream is to help people of all ages find their path in life. I have welcomed success into my life in pursuit of my dreams and desires of attracting love, laughter and abundance into my life.
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