Drowning in My Thoughts- A Brief but Connected Conversation

It was a good morning as I walked into my favorite coffee shop, a gathering place for people from all walks of life. What I did not know, was that my good morning was about to become a great morning.

Today, like each day, I was greeted with a smile and a warmth of love and ease from my friend who works there. With a wonderful smile, she commented to me that I motivate her.

“Thank you!” I replied with a smile.

I then tell myself, On the contrary, you motivate me. She is always cheerful and happy to share a smile, even when the smile may not be ready for an appearance. In the past year, she has become more aligned and amazing things are happening for her.

On this day, she shared a realization with me about her many thoughts and all of the things she has to do every day for her job, her volunteer work, her music, her relationship and her personal time.

She likened it to drowning where one might flail their arms about exhausting all of their energy, thus making drowning a reality. Instead of panic and flailing about she now understood that she could relax, let go and float. She is able to preserve her energy, keep her wits about her, and she no longer drowns. She now thrives.

“Hmmm,” I smiled at my friend. “I have an article I would like to share with you.”

This magical conversation reminded me of a Blog Article I wrote last year entitled With the Swipe of a Finger” Meditation Tips for a Busy Mind.  I shared the premise of the article with her.

“Hmmm.” She smiled.

  • Today pay attention to your thoughts.
  • Today pay attention to the next person you encounter.
  • Today listen to him or her.
  • Hmmm. What sort of great morning you will have!

I am grateful for you. I am blessed to have magical encounters every day with you. Please enjoy the encore post of With the Swipe of a Finger” Meditation Tips for a Busy Mind.

Thank you to my friend at the coffee shop.

Sending you love and light!

T.E. Corner

About authortecorner

I am on a personal mission to improve myself as a father, husband, colleague, and member of the community. My dream is to help people of all ages find their path in life. I have welcomed success into my life in pursuit of my dreams and desires of attracting love, laughter and abundance into my life.
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